— Browser Compatibility —

Internet Explorer sucks.

Ok, ok. I'm sure you were hoping for a little more explanation than that. So here it goes. (for those of you cheaters who want to jump straight to the solution, scroll down to the giant words that say 'So here is the solution')

This website was written with web standards in mind (for the most part). However while Internet Explorer (IE) is dying a very slow and painful death it refuses to cooperate. Many designers implement "patches" or basically trick IE into displaying content a certain way by adding lines of code. This however bogs down their code, lengthening page load times. Other designers simply don't design the site as they would like, to ensure that it will display correctly for IE users.

I refused to do either with this site. For one, the unique navigation, browsing experience, and quality of this site is what I believe sets it apart from other christian resource sites. And two, I don't want to!!! I don't understand why anyone still even uses IE when other much, much better browsers are available for free and can be downloaded and installed in less than 5 minutes!

This site is designed to display perfectly in Safari (the most superior browser in my opinion), almost perfect in Firefox (2nd best), and again almost perfect in Opera with only a couple width issues. You will however find many display errors in IE (primarily on the 'browse by title' and 'browse by key' pages). None of these display issues are huge, mainly just a few items breaking out of their borders a little, and a few alignment issues. Again, not a make or break issue, but they drive me crazy.

So here is the solution.

*dramatic pause*

Do yourself a huge favor and download Safari. It is a completely free download available for Mac & PC from Apple's web site here. It is touted as the fastest and most secure browser for any platform.

You can also head over to Mozilla's site and download Firefox, also available for Mac & PC as a free download here.

Either way you probably want to ditch IE, even if you never come back here again.