Artist: Jason Upton
Album: Faith

Verse 1:
I will not fear as I wait for the dawn
If You'll keep on holding my hand
Though I'm crying out from the depths of my soul
With words I just can't understand
You have set my feet upon a rock that's not moving
You have placed a song of hope in my heart and
I'm singing, I'm praying

Lord, do not hold back Your loving kindness
Lord, do not hold back Your mercy
You are the way and the truth that guides us
Everyday You are the one who preserves me

Verse 2:
God the great artist designed you and me
With His will and purpose in mind
But I keep on striving and trying to be
Someone I've made with my pride
Now the fires of hell burn hot and try to destroy me
I run to Your will Oh God
I know You'll restore me, and reform me