Here I Am Again
Artist: Tommy Walker
Album: There Is A Rock

Verse 1:
Here I am again just lookin’ for the words that help me say that,
My heart is full of love and praises
I must have prayed a thousand prayers and sung a hundred songs,
But I just have to say again

Oh how I love You
More than words can say
In the deepest heart-felt way
Oh how Lord I love You
Once again receive my praise

Verse 2:
So many words, so many songs, so many melodies, yet,
Allow me one more declaration
You are the lover of my soul, the center of my life
So I just have to say again

Thank you for a brand new day,
A brand new chance to stand and say
I love You

Bridge 2:
Help me find the words to say that
Tell you in a brand new way
I love You