Reason I'm Alive
Artist: Gateway Worship
Album: Living For You

Verse 1:
I used to be lost, but now I’m found in You
You showed me real love, and now I live for You
I wanna follow for all my days
I wanna live for the Creator of all the world

I am nothing without You, I’m breathing in with You
You are my source of life
I am saying I love You for everything You do
You are the reason I’m alive

Verse 2:
It used to be dark, but now Your light shines through
You’re always with me, You never let me go
I’m completely amazed by You
And I’m never gonna be the same

You’ve been so good to me
You’re everything I dreamed, now I’m complete
My friend when my world crashes down
And now I know I’ll never be, never gonna be alone