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Stay tuned! The new site will take a little while to implement, due to the size of the overhaul and time constraints.

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We're Overhauling It!

For a while now we have been toying with the idea of moving to a dynamic site since theBENJAMINresource has grown so much. We want to make this site easy to use and as useful as possible. So we have decided to rewrite the entire site using PHP, which will allow the site to be much more user friendly and much easier to update (which means more updates will come). This change will include a few upgrades for us:

» User Sortable Tables

This means that instead of having separate pages to browse by title, key, scripture, etc. you will simply click a column title to re-sort the data as you wish. (this also means that this functionality will finally appear)

» Site-wide Membership/Participation

Instead of logging into the blog or forum, you will be able to log into the site once, and have access to all areas. Also we will (probably) include comments and ratings for the charts, letting people offer constructive criticism and advice for other worshippers.

» A Smaller, Faster Website

While adding much needed functionality, this will also decrease the size of the site creating a more streamlined experience, and lessen loading times.

» MP3's!

MP3's will finally find their way back onto the site! Yes, you read right. With the new site you will be able to listen to the song and practice while looking at the chart or lyrics without printing out a thing. This is just one more step in improving our worshipping communities prep time.

» Links To Everything You Need

We will also be providing links to purchase the CD, sheet music, backing tracks and more for any song that you can find on our site which won't cost you any more than your local store (probably less) but will benefit The Benjamin Resource while being convenient and cheap for you. Links to view the scripture references for each song is also coming.

» Less Work, More Info

We are working to get the charts, lyrics and links all on a single page for each song. Less clicks for you means less wasted time.

» Downloads for Your Tech Team

In an attempt to lessen the places you have to visit when getting ready for a service, we are going to include downloads for your tech team. We will have downloadable lyric files for popular projection software such as ProPresenter, EZWorship, OpenSong and more, turning it into a drag and drop process for your tech people.